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The Imaging Clinic is committed to ensuring that you always have the best diagnostic imaging and image-guided treatments. We are a Chambers of Consultant Clinical Radiologists; all doctors, fully registered with the General Medical Council and with at least 20 years of clinical experience. 

We believe that, in the same way you would prefer to chose your Consultant Surgeon or Physician, you deserve the opportunity to choose your Consultant Radiologist who will oversee and report your imaging investigations and perform your image-guided treatments (see Interventional Radiology). Radiology is developing at a fantastic pace and increasingly the volume of data generated from a single study can exceed 1000 images. These need to be interpreted in the appropriate clinical context, using advanced software tools and a report produced presenting the salient imaging features in a manner that is most useful to your doctor to guide your care. 

The Imaging Clinic is different from other radiology providers because we place the interpretation at the heart of the process. We have extensive links with most of the local scanning centres and private hospitals and can facilitate your investigation and image-guided treatments at many sites in London and the South East.



Cardiac/Heart CT scanning service (self-referrals accepted)

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