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X-Ray Imaging

What is a plain x-ray

What are Plain X-ray’s?
X-rays are very short wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation that can penetrate matter to produce an image of bones and internal organs. X-ray images are tools used by physicians and practitioners to confirm a diagnosis or a clinical finding such as extremity fracture or pneumonia.

Most x-ray examinations consist of at least two views of a body part at right angles to one another. X-ray dye or contrast mediums are used in some examinations to make certain structures, such as the kidneys or bowel, appear visible on an x-ray image

Chest x-rays can be self referred for those travelling abroad to work and require an X-ray for entry into the country.



to refer a patient or yourself



The Imaging Clinic consultants provide their scanning, reporting and interventional radiology services from a number of sites in and around Guildford. This enables us to select the most appropriate facilites for your imaging needs.

Please note that not all private medical insurers recognise all scanning centres. However, all our consultants are recognised by all the major insurers, and by coming directly to The Imaging Clinic we can ensure that your scan is performed at a facility which ensures that you have access to the same, high quality expert radiological opinion whilst still being covered by your insurance.

For self-paying patients, please contact us for a personalised quotation.